Online Courses

  1. Level 1: SolePath certified technician training
  2. NEW: Basic Zone Feng Shui course
  3. NEW: Space Clearing course
  4. NEW: Daily Pulse meditation and journaling experience
  5. FREE: SoleIntending course
  6. FREE: SoleNumbers course

Level 1: SolePath certified technician training

Here at the SolePath Institute, we believe that a deep study of self, is a huge step towards happiness and living a life of purpose. We also believe that the gift of time spent on yourself is truly self-love.

This training is a journey of self-discovery, a deep understanding of your own personal unique SolePath, LightPaths, DarkPath, SoleNumbers, SoleFace and SoleHealing. 

The Tao is the foundation of all of our work at the SolePath Institute. Training includes an introduction to the Tao and not only will you know more about yourself and how to navigate your light and dark, you will know how others find their way to their expanding energy, their soul purpose.

This training gives you an opportunity to explore metaphysical concepts; for you and your personal soul evolution; for your understanding of how others ‘tick’ and how best to communicate with them.

Here is what our students are saying about SolePath training.

Three courses to help you feel better …

  1. Connect – Daily Pulse meditation and journaling course
  2. Balance – Zone Feng Shui Course
  3. Flow – Space Clearing Course

Basic Zone Feng Shui course

Improving and changing the energy in your space provides the foundation for finding happiness in life. Making Zone Feng Shui changes to your space allows you to create a beautiful environment where you live in harmony and balance with your surroundings, so that the energy around you works for you rather than against you.

By balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in your surroundings, you create beneficial effects in your life. Zone Feng Shui improves the energy in your home and affects everyone’s well-being.

In this course you will learn a 9-step process for creating Feng Shui changes to your space. You will learn how tocreate an environment that is beautiful, where the energy works for you rather than against you.

Space Clearing

Everything that happens in a space leaves an energy footprint and space clearing is a way to cleanse and eliminate unwanted energy.

A space with positive energy is like a searchlight that shines up into the universe.

When we space clear and remove residual energy and create a positive energy flow, we heal our natural surroundings and by doing that we also heal ourselves and all who use the space.

Space clearing has a positive impact on  mental, physical and spiritual health.

In this course you will learn how to prepare, set your intention, choose the best time and many methods for highly effective space clearing.

Daily Pulse meditation and journaling

This course is an experience that combines meditation and journaling and is based in Dr. Debra’s book “Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao.” In this course you will experience the Tao through guided meditations, along with in-depth understanding and journaling prompts.

Meditation reduces stress and helps control anxiety. Meditation promotes emotional health and enhances self awareness. Journaling engages the left, creative or emotional side of the brain? Because of this it soothes emotional unease and helps with all negative feelings. 

Meditation and journaling are a spiritual practice during which you can connect with your higher self, your angels, your guides, your God. A way to receive inspiration and wisdom.

The Daily Pulse is the ritual of doing something uplifting and positive for yourself every day. 

The Daily Pulse is a ritual that helps you look past distress and confusion, to bring habits into everyday life that help you find peace and calm. The Daily Pulse is a daily ritual, small steps towards life transformation and happiness.