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The Tao and SoleIntending – a goal writing process, using the profound wisdom of the Tao, to create the life of your dreams.

This course ‘The Tao and SoleIntending’ is a profoundly simple concept that connects the fundamental teachings of the Tao to a balanced intending and goal setting process to create your life. 

In this course you will learn a simple, practical SoleIntending process that will help you create a happier life; a simple guided way for writing goals using the creative energy of the Tao.

Intentions are always the starting point for change in your life. They are the creation point for your life. Everything that happens begins with intention.  They are like seeds – your intentions contain all of the energy to grow, just as a seed contains all of the energy to become the plant or tree.

It’s always a good time to write intentions, but particularly at the beginning of each new year, at the new moon, on your birthday or during major life challenges. 

Once your intentions are written, then it’s time to release them into the universe, to hand them over to your God, your angels, your guides. To find a place of calm within yourself where you trust that what you are asking for will be delivered to you in the perfect way and at the perfect time.  

Intentions do not manifest from a place of desperate longing, but rather from an attitude of certainty and contentment; an attitude that knows that your life can be filled with love, health, abundance, and happiness; an attitude that believes that you deserve this.  

Here at the SolePath Institute, we are in the happiness business. We teach tools for living a happier life; practical, easy to apply techniques for being happier. This course ‘the Tao and SoleIntending’ is the genesis, the beginning of creating the happy life that you desire.

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