In this course, you have written intentions using the fundamental creative energy of the Tao. The trigrams are linked to the 9 energy zones of life and when you write intentions in this way you create a life that is complete and flowing.   

The 9 energy zones of life show that in order to have a full and balanced life, you need to place equal emphasis on each and every one of the zones. Usually, when we write intentions, we include love, money, health and perhaps purpose.

But creating intentions using the Tao and the 9 energy zones of life helps you to understand that fun & creativity is as important as wealth & happiness; that support & guidance is as important as love & attraction; that me, myself & I is as vital as health & joy. That passion & purpose, friends & family and wisdom & spirituality are all a fundamental part of your life. Each and every one of the 9 zones has an equal role to play in creating happiness in your life. 

It’s always interesting, as you move through the 9 energy zones to notice those ones that were really difficult to write. These are the parts of your life that you are likely neglecting. What insights did you gain from this? 

In the three-step process, you wrote down what you are already thankful for in each zone, you dreamed about your intention for that zone and then you chose your next best step. Your inspired action. The one thing that you can do right here and right now to start to manifest your intention.

Make a plan to get going with your inspired action, do one thing each week that moves you towards the manifestation of your intentions. And when you have completed the inspired action – choose another next best step. Another thing that you can do that will contribute to you achieving your goals. It’s a slow, gentle, deliberate moving towards the life of your dreams.