Basic Zone Feng Shui: Resources

We know it can be challenging to find Feng Shui supplies, so we have made them available on our website. These are some powerful and simple Feng Shui cures to balance the energy in your space:

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Bagua Mirror

Bagua mirrors are a powerful Feng Shui cure for any space – home or office.

“Bagua mirrors attract positive energy into a space and reflect back peace and harmony.”

Bagua mirrors are eight-sided and have the trigrams of the Tao on them, to create a flow of energy. Bagua mirrors are used outdoors; hung facing outwards, never facing into a space; placed above the front door and the back door.

Feng Shui faceted glass crystal

Feng Shui crystal; glass faceted crystals, suspended from the ceiling or light fixture have the same effect on the energy as a disco ball has on the light.

When the energy – the stuck energy or the fast moving energy – hits the facets in a Feng Shui crystal, it is moved around the room creating balance.

  1. Hang a Feng Shui crystal in the middle of every bedroom to balance energy;
  2. In front of all exterior sliding doors to stop energy leaving the space
  3. From ceiling fans to slow down funnels of energy
  4. In all windowless rooms to expand and add energy
  5. From the ceiling directly over the position of your head when sitting in your office chair to promote clarity of thought
  6. Above the microwave oven to redirect the negative emf energy.

Zone Energy Map

A zone energy map, depicting the foundation of the tao, the trigrams and creative energy of our universe, balances energy.

Place a zone energy map:
1. Under the mattress – face up with the red, Me, Myself & I Zone, towards the head of the bed.
2. Under your desk – face up with the red Me, Myself & I Zone, away from the office chair.
3. Under the drivers seat in your vehicle.

Trigram Window Sticker

Balance your space using the eight trigrams of the Tao to promote connection, balance and flow.

These stickers represent the Tao which is the fundamental nature of the universe and means your path or life’s journey. The Tao keeps the world balance and flowing and is related to the essential energy of all. The Tao is made up of the eight original building blocks of nature, called trigrams. These eight trigrams together form the yin yang energy or the tai chi.

Stick on:

  1. Windows facing into each room
  2. In your vehicle facing in
  3. On the mirror above stove

Book: “In the Feng Shui Zone”

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