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SolePath Membership

Your personal SolePath membership account helps you understand who you are born to be and life just gets happier .

Your membership gives you online access to everything you need to know about your SolePath. Videos, audios, documents, meditations, metaphysical tools and more. Your SolePath membership is all about YOU.

SolePath Academy

SolePath Technician Training is a combination of online learning through videos and ebook textbooks; with 8 Zoom classroom sessions. Online classroom conversations are hosted by SolePath Trainers and attended by all other technicians-in-training. Online classroom conversations are scheduled every week at the same time.

All other online courses are self-directed. Each course includes videos and all of the instructions needed to complete, and ebook textbooks where applicable.

Help is available via email and chat. Live chat is available from 8am till 8pm (mountain time), seven days a week. If you prefer email: answers@SolePath.org