SolePath Membership

Welcome to the home of SolePath membership. Your personal SolePath membership account is all about you and your unique SolePath.  SolePath membership helps you understand who you are born to be and life just gets happier .

1. If you have a SolePath membership account, login here

Your membership gives you online access to all of the SolePath information pertinent to you. Everything you need to know about yourself, about your SolePath. Videos, audios, documents, meditations, metaphysical tools and more. Your SolePath membership is all about you, not anyone else and your personal, unique online membership account can be accessed from your mobile device and computer.

2. If you have received your SolePath, but not yet set up your membership account, login with the details we sent you via email, then click on My SolePath, follow the link there to create your subscription. If you do not have the email please contact us via one of the ways below.

Understanding your SolePath is a wonderful, inspiring and lifelong journey that makes each day happier and more successful. The purpose of your SolePath membership is to help you understand your SolePath. This is important – because the more you understand your SolePath, the happier your life with be. 

In this global energetic shift, SolePath and its work are essential – your monthly SolePath membership keeps the work alive.

SolePath membership: you choose, $9.99/mth, $11.99/mth, or $13.99/mth.

3. If you are new to SolePath and haven’t requested your SolePath yet, let us tell you more.  SolePath is your spiritual personality profile. When your SolePath is revealed, you will know who you are born to be and your soul intention for your lifetime. 

On our website, live chat is available from 8am till 8pm (mountain time), seven days a week. If you prefer telephone help, give us a call 403.998.0191 or 1.877.866.2086 (North America) – we just love to have SolePath conversations. Or if you prefer email: