SolePath Foundation Program: What is SolePath?

This training is a journey of self-discovery, a deep understanding of your own personal unique SolePath, LightPaths, DarkPath, SoleNumbers, SoleFace and SoleHealing. 

The Tao is the foundation of all of our work at the SolePath Institute. Training includes an introduction to the Tao and not only will you know more about yourself and how to navigate your light and dark, you will know how others find their way to their expanding energy, their soul purpose.

This training gives you an opportunity to explore metaphysical concepts; for you and your personal soul evolution; for your understanding of how others ‘tick’ and how best to communicate with them.

SolePath Technician Training is a combination of online learning through videos and ebook textbooks; with 8 Zoom classroom sessions. Online classroom conversations are hosted by SolePath Trainers and attended by all other technicians-in-training. These Zoom calls are priceless as they provide a forum for asking questions, sharing experiences and learning from others’ experiences. Online classroom conversations are scheduled every week at the same time.

Did you know that SolePath Foundation Program is the entry point for:

1.Becoming a SolePath Certified Mentor, to help others make sense of their SolePath. This could become part of your existing counselling practice or exclusive SolePath mentoring.
2.Advancing into the SoleHealing Program. There is a vibration of perfect health in every body and the SoleHealing dynamic wellness system releases the energetic blocks, at a cellular level, that cause physical disease, emotional anxiety and mental ill-health.
3.Becoming a Reverend, officially registered with the Government of Alberta as clergy.

SolePath Foundation Program hosted by the SolePath Institute.

Cost:  $1600 + GST

SolePath Intensive Study Program, hosted by the White Light Metaphysical Centre.

For more information visit White Light Metaphysical Centre.

PRE-REQUISITE: You must request your SolePath ID prior to course start date. Request your SolePath now.

SolePath Institute Instructors: Dr. Janice Brown and Irena Kukina

Irena Kukina

Irena’s SolePath is Intellectual Expert and Compassionate Healer.

Her core energy is healing people, animals, or the planet, fixing what is wrong and the desire to acquire deep knowledge and specialization.

My passion is to work with others to illuminate their life’s passion, and to give them the courage to truly live in their light.

Irena is an energy worker, an artist and an entrepreneur. She creates energy art, is a QiGong teacher, and a crystal energy healer. She is currently pursuing her lifelong passion and is on her way to becoming a certified life coach.

Dr. Janice Brown

Janice’s SolePath is spiritual warrior and intellectual lateral thinker. Her core values are her passion for life and her amazing problem solving gifts. Dr. Janice is a Wellness Visionary who is deeply fulfilled by helping people see the true brilliance of who they are and discovering the many aspects of the self that contribute to a person’s well-being.

She will remind you that ‘the work is you, knowing yourself’.

Janice has a genuine passion for helping people discover who they really are. Dr. Janice is a registered acupuncturist and doctor of acupuncture with a 4-year diploma in TCM, SolePath certified mentor, reverend (CIMM), SolePath trainer and writer.