Daily Pulse Meditation and Journaling course

“Starting and ending each day with deliberate choices creates ritual in sync with the essential rhythm of nature. The Daily Pulse is a ritual that helps you look past distress and confusion, to bring habits into everyday life that help you find peace and calm.” Dr. Debra

The Daily Pulse is a daily ritual; small steps towards life transformation and happiness. This course is a combination of meditation and journaling and is based in Dr. Debra’s book “Daily Pulse, rhythm of the Tao.”

This Daily Pulse course is experiential and transformational. Each lesson includes a guided meditation on the trigram of the Tao; a reading by Dr. Debra from her book; as well as journaling exercises.

The benefits of meditation are very well researched. Meditation reduces stress and helps control anxiety. Meditation promotes emotional health and enhances self awareness. In our uncertain world, meditation seems as vital as breathing.

The benefits of journaling may not be so readily known. Did you know that journaling engages the left, creative or emotional side of the brain? Because of this it soothes emotional unease and helps with all negative feelings. 

Meditation and journaling are a spiritual practice during which you can connect with your higher self, your angels, your guides, your God. A way to receive inspiration and wisdom.

The Daily Pulse is the ritual of doing something uplifting and positive for yourself every day. 

Cost: $95 + GST

The book and accompanying journal are available on amazon in both hard copy and kindle formats. You don’t need the book and journal to participate, but it will enhance your experience.

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